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Thread: Stable Funding BCAC, Dist A FI and Alberta Proposal for Comparison

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    Stable Funding BCAC, Dist A FI and Alberta Proposal for Comparison

    Dear All,

    There is an ongoing discussion about stable funding for the BCAC. The proposal is now being considered by the BCAC and other government agencies in BC. We are being asked to support this initiative by Dennis Lapierre, the seat holder for Community Agriculture (one seat) on the BCAC Board of Directors (10 seats).

    We still have no details on what the arrangement in BC will be. We know they are considering a collection of money from farmers in BC, based on farm status and a levy per farm (like a tax) which will be facilitated through BC Assessment Authority. From John Wilcox: "Farm Registration - last time (a negative billing option) - had it been implemented, was also to be a farm license tax on the "bona fide" farmer (a farm operator defined by gross income of $10,000 a year). Stable Funding (Farm Registration) would have eliminated half the farms in the province from the BC farm roster had it been enacted back then. The small, part time and start up farmers would have been scrubbed from all government programs and taxed Residential for existing on BC Ag Lands."

    We have been offered one kind of structure, and we have no idea what this will cost each farmer if it goes ahead. I am referring this proposal from Alberta to show how other possible structures might work.

    One way of doing this might be to take farm taxes collected municipally (already collected and in place as part of the municipal tax base) and apply them to a stable funding for agriculture organization model.

    We are concerned that the ratio of farm tax payers in relation to the proportional representation in the BCAC would not be equitable.

    Please give us feedback on this. We will be meeting with Dennis and Garnet Etsell (BCAC EXEC DIRECTOR) in the near future.

    My thanks to John Wilcox who has researched this for us.

    Jenny MacLeod


    District A Farmers Institutes

    A Need


    Fair and Equitable Funding


    General Farm Organizations

    In Alberta

    - 2 - 2

    Executive Summary

    General Farm Organizations work on behalf of all farmers and ranchers to address issues and needs that are of a comprehensive nature. General Farm Organizations, such as Wild Rose Agricultural Producers, do not participate in the marketing or sale of agricultural products.

    Alberta needs to catch up with other provinces and have their proper place in Confederation regarding primary producer representation at the federal level. It is unacceptable that we, as Albertans, have allowed a situation to develop whereby federal agricultural policy is often determined by strong farm organizations from every other province in Canada. Considering the many issues facing the primary agricultural industry, we believe it is now time for the Alberta government to rethink how Alberta’s General Farm Organizations are structured and funded. Serious discussion needs to be undertaken to determine how stronger, better-funded, democratically driven, General Farm Organizations could exist to better represent Alberta producers at the federal level.

    Alberta farmers have always recognized the necessity for General Farm Organizations. However, they have not been able to effectively develop a means by which stable funding can be collected from Alberta farmers to support such producer groups. To this point in time, Wild Rose Agricultural Producers and other General Farm Organizations in Alberta have had to rely on a voluntary individual membership structure that requires considerable human resources to make one on one personal contact to solicit membership. It has proven difficult for such a voluntary system to raise adequate funds needed to effectively operate General Farm Organizations in this province. More financial resources are needed for Alberta to have strong General Farm Organizations.

    A number of different methods of establishing broad-based long-term stable funding for General Farm Organizations in Alberta have been analyzed and discussed. The preferred choice of mechanism seems to be some type of check-off on farm vehicle license plates.

    Wild Rose Agricultural Producers is proposing a system whereby Alberta farmers would annually be given the choice of supporting their preferred General Farm Organization with a supplementary fee on each farm license plate. We believe that a refundable levy somewhere between $5 and $10 per farm vehicle would potentially provide sufficient funding to operate effective General Farm Organizations in Alberta.

    Our first objective is to get everyone to agree on the need for stable funding. We can work together to determine the most efficient and acceptable way to collect the money from the procucers of Alberta. - 3 - 3

    A proposal to provide assured stable funding for Albertas' General Farm Organizations

    Contact me for the whole study. I will send it to you so you can continue- Jenny-
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