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Thread: Farmer's Institute Assets

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    Farmer's Institute Assets

    Hi Folks,
    I am writing from the Graham Island East Coast Farmer's Institute on Graham Island of the Queen Charlotte Islands, now apparently Haida Gwaii.
    As one of our many initiatives to try to stay alive as farmers under the new meat industry regulations we are exploring the possibility of owning some sort of low-level co-operative slaughter facility. Our vision is of a small certified plant that can be idle and empty most of the time but available for a farmer's use when needed, then sterilized and left idle again. We haven't a clue yet how to deal with the need for inspectors, scheduling, etc. The bottom line is that if we don't build something we are all out of business since there is no facility within economic reach.
    As part of this we were offered the opportunity to take over another group's Crown Land lease on a small parcel that would be suitable for such a plant. After three years we have a 30 year lease on the parcel.
    But this is assessment season and we just learned our parcel is assessed as a business parcel which means a tax bill we can't hope to pay.
    There are a few options we can work with to have the parcel assessed as a not-for-profit piece and therefore exempt from taxes, as it was under the previous lease. (There are no frontage services, etc. so we are not transferring a tax burden to our neighbours.)
    However, the question most asked is if there is precedent for this anywhere in BC.
    So I am hoping some good souls out there who are members of a Farmer's Institute that holds a parcel of tax exempt land for any reason will take the time to let us know.
    We will start with just whether or not there are any examples but later on we will probably need to reference a folio number so our Regional District and local assessment office can verify the type of exemption.
    Thank you for your help.
    Bill Mackay, Tlell

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    Hi Bill,

    How is your project going? The Municipality of North Cowichan gives tax exemptions on many properties including the Cowichan Agricultural Society Farmers Institute) lot and building. I suspect the same is done in many municipalities so not too sure of your question.


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