Here are a couple of questions asked by someone who has looked over the site. I expect they might be questions many might be interested in:
Here are a couple of questions I have for Dennis regarding Farm Knowledge Network:

1. How will it be funded in the future once the current grants are exhausted?

2. Will our email address or any personal information be viewable by others viewing the website? (concerned about spam mail).

Here's my reply.

1. Once the current grant is exhausted, the program will be maintained by the BC Agriculture Council. Start-up and establishment is what costs. Maintenance beyond that is not expensive. The BCAC is very interested in seeing this become a successful addition to its overall program simply because, as a non-governmental organization representing the interests of all agricultural producers in the province directly to the provincial government and indirectly to the federal government via the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, it needs to know the sentiment of its membership. As far as commodity organizations and supply-managed organizations that belong to the BCAC are concerned, knowing its sentiment isn't much of a problem. Each is able to deliver its interests via their own organizational structures. The community agriculture sector has trouble doing that because it is, and always has been, not well organized. This electronic communications tool is intended to help the sector organize and be better able to reflect the interest of the sector.
By virtue of its membership in the FARM Community Council, and the fact that most sheep producers are essentially small-lot farmers, sheep producers are members of the community agriculture sector.

2. Spam is a problem for me, as the site administrator, and not one for you. I'm amazed at the number of goofy registration applications. Up until a week or so ago, I did not filter, or screen, who registered. That gave me problems and we ended up getting unwanted posts. I've since instituted an approval process so that all new applicants must go through me to be approved. That's why you are not seeing goofy posts anymore.
As far as others seeing your e-mail addresses, I believe I can set it up so that they can, or can't. It's up to you. On most sites, people are able to send direct messages to someone, if they want to send a private message.
One of the advantages of providing an e-mail address, or at least a way of sending a private message via the site is in being able to make full use of the classified ad section. One of the disadvantages is where you get unwanted messages. I've participated in a number of forums for some time now and I've yet to receive an unwanted message as a result of my forum participation. That's one of the advantages of us using a purchased forum software instead of one set up via Yahoo or Google. Those two are mined by commercial interests for marketers.