From the outset, when the province announced its intention to impose a carbon tax, the BCAC has pushed to have that tax not apply to agriculture.

The argument is put succinctly in the 2011 BCAC Annual Report:

British Columbia is the only jurisdiction in North America with a Carbon Tax. Other jurisdictions in the world with a carbon tax have exempted agriculture. It has added about $27 million in direct annual costs to the production of food in B.C. It will jump to $36 million annually after the proposed increase in 2012. As a result, many affected B.C. farm businesses are seriously considering relocation to more tax-friendly areas outside of the province. The BCAC met with Minister McRae in November 2011 to highlight the repercussions that the Carbon Tax has on farmers and local food production. The BCAC initiated discussions with the Ministry of Agriculture to move toward a more sustainable policy such as the elimination of the Carbon Tax currently imposed on growing food.

The part of the agriculture industry in BC that was most severely affected by the imposition of the tax was the greenhouse industry.

A product of the outcry by the greenhouse industry on its impact resulted in the province providing a grant more or less equal to the cost increase the greenhouse industry would be facing. As well,on June 28/12 the province announced that it would be conducting a review of the tax and will consider the effect of the tax on the competitiveness of B.C. businesses such as those in the agriculture sector, and in particular, B.C. food producers. Ref.:

Towards conducting that review, it needs information on how the tax has affected you. So, how has it?

What the BCAC would like is for producers, or producer groups to outline the effect, report it to the BCAC, which, in turn will summarize the responses and deliver them to the province.

Your help in this matter would be appreciated.

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