This applies particularly to farms that rely on off-farm income to stay afloat.

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), to which the BCAC belongs, is our federal lobbying counterpart. Agriculture is a shared federal-provincial responsibility, remember? The BCAC, along with all other equivalent general farm organizations in Canada work together to influence federal policy that applies to federal matters.

The CFA intends to seek a change in the amount of allowed restricted farm increase the amount. For those of us who don't quite understand what this means, this site might help explain:

The question I'm being asked by one of the CFA staff is..."are there examples were the current restrictions are inadequate". The assumption is that small farms and farms needing off-farm income are not benefiting as much as they should be because of this taxation rule.

The CFA will vote on this initiative in June. If you can provide me an example it can use to help make its case, that would be helpful.