First post here. Not a very busy forum but hopefuly that will change over time.

We are just starting out farming on a part-time basis, as I have a job in the city and we are starting a family. We figure the easiest way to begin is with with raising animals (chickens, goats, and the like). We have about 3 acres in the ALR and didn't anticipate fully utilising all of it immediately.

When BC Assessment visited the other day we were told we needed to have a minimum of 2 acres in production. I've read the qualifications many times and have not read this requirement, however I didn't want my first encounter with BC Assessment to be contentious. Now, if some of the land is idle then at a minimum I would expect a split classification, but on reading the Assessment Act my understanding is that unused land in the ALR must be classified as farmland if it "has no present use neither specifically zoned nor held for business, commercial or industrial purposes.

Just wondering if anyone else has faced a similar interpretation of the assessment act.