In reading the fall edition of N'Ewes...the article by Barbara Johnson Grimmer titled "Compensation to Sheep Producers for Dog Kills Needs Review", I am reminded that there are more remedies available to producers than compensations that may or may not exist in local bylaws and/or in committing a most unpopular act, shooting the offending dog.

Many years ago, dogs attacked my flock. I lost several head.

Better than addressing the problem by shooting one of the dogs, which I did, I had the bylaw officer charge the owner with a breach of the relevant bylaw and I also sought compensation through the dog owner's home insurance.

I had made notes of the event, took pictures, etc., so that when we went to court, I was prepared to give good evidence on the matter. So, the dog owner received a hefty fine for breach of the bylaw. Sting #1.

Sting #2 was decent compensation I negotiated with the insurance adjuster. It was the start of a purebred flock at the time and some stock killed were the first progeny of sheep I had gone to a lot of trouble and expense to get. The payout was adequate.

Sheep owners should keep this in mind.

To expect local government to provide for payout just may be a weak expectation. Better, sometimes, to follow other legal avenues. It's why people buy insurance.