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Thread: 2010 FARM AGM Minutes (draft)

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    2010 FARM AGM Minutes (draft)

    May 8, 2011
    Held at the home of Warren and Lynne Wilson

    In attendance :
    Kelvin Johnson.
    Maureen Thompson
    Dennis La Pierre
    Joe Bauer
    Gene Pascuzzo
    Jim Tingle
    Roma Tingle
    Warren Wilson
    Lynne Wilson
    Rob Borsato

    Meeting was called to order at 10:30 am . In the absence of the Secretary, the President asked that Roma Tingle record the minutes.

    President’s Report: Kelvin Johnson
    1. Kelvin reported that the proposal from BCAC on stable funding had stalled. Warren Wilson, Kelvin Johnson and Dennis LaPierre had attended a BCAC planning meeting
    2. There is interest in membership in F.A.R.M. Community Council
    3. Funding issues continue to restrain development of FARM, but it is vital to continue to have a seat on BCAC and Investment Agriculture Foundation
    Minutes of the 2010 agm were read. M/S Gene?Maureen that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried

    Financial Report – Roma – presented the Financial Report ( attached)
    - the bank account continues to decline since BCAC dues exceed the membership fees. The GIC is being used to help meet the BCAC dues assessment.
    - M/S Roma/Gene that the report be accepted. Carried.
    District Reports:

    B- Paul Davidson was not available but sent a report.
    1. Smithers dues sent are $150.00
    2. FI is doing some pasture trials with manure vs chemical fertilizer
    3. Support local food directory for local producers
    4. Graeme Johnstone, dedicated agriculture supporter, former Dairy Inspector and DA, and long time Smither’s resident passed away after a battle with cancer.
    5. Northwest Premium Meat – still operating the abbatoir but has sold the processing equipment. They are trying to sell the meat plant building
    6. See Paul’s report for more detail.
    District C –
    1. has had a good yer
    2. Maureen attended several meetings including the fall fair, FARM AGM, NWIPC ( District C donated $500), Provincial Land Commission mtg.
    3. There was good attendance and interest at the 2011 agm
    4. The PGX board reported that they were having some financial troubles, so $1,000 was donated to go toward agriculture promotion
    5. Several resolutions were brought forward to the agm

    District F – Kootenays – no report

    District H – Joe Bauer
    1. FI has some new younger members
    2. Hosted a barbecue
    3. In discussion with the Quesned Economic Develoment Assoc, re; an agriculture centre
    4. Reg. Stewart – spoke on 1st response training esp. with regard to wildfire suppression
    5. Held discussion on impact of HST
    6. Trying to keep meat producers association going

    Bella Coola – Diane Tuck

    1. 25 members in FI
    2. 2 new projects
    a. one in collaboration with the Ag. Society
    b. received funding in June 2010 to establish access to fresh fruit and produce on a regular basis
    3. Valley had flood in Sept., with losses to livestock and crops – no coverage under Provincial Govt. Disaster Relief fund
    4. 2 residents attended a meat and poultry session for a whole food market
    5. number of residents are interested in having the valley declared a GMO free zone

    District H AGM – Gene
    1. President Kelvin sent greetings
    2. several reps. from agricultural associations attended
    critically important issues were flagged – 2 main issues discussed
    a. Disaster relief for farmers needs to be reviewed at gov’t level
    b. Issues around evacuations in emergencies have to be reviewed – most people are not aware of what is in place or what to do in cases of wild fires, floods etc and the response from farmers and ranchers ( AG ministry has a team working with PEP to address the emergency response with ag. Community
    There was a general discussion on concerns around emergency responses by farmer and ranchers (liability issue, insurance, appropriate gathering places, vehicles etc.)
    Comox Valley FI – Gerry McLintock – see report
    George Hamilton –
    1. local cranberry industry going well – if members of Ocean Spray – berries are in good supply and high demand
    2. attended meeting of Island Farmer’s Alliance – main issue was on it’s continued survival
    3. meat plant is going well
    4. enclosed cheque for dues

    Other reports:

    IAF – Jim Tingle
    1. Re-appointed to represent F.A.R.M. for 2 years
    2. Sits on sub committees for emerging sectors and P&R and Communications
    3. Attended 5 meetings in the past year

    Omineca Beetle Action Coalition – priority items for action:
    1. Food support (extension people)
    2. Northern Research for food systems

    New Business:

    1. meat regulations changes were discussed – resolution brought forward
    “ Be it Resolved” that the provincial government cover the fees associated with the government mandated regulations on meat inspections .
    M/S Gene Lynne Carried .
    This resolution will be sent on to BCAC.

    3. Community Forest Expansion proposal by the City of Prince George to expand into the Regional District of Fraser Fort George was discussed. Local agriculture producers are opposed to the proposal.
    M/S Gene/Jim to support the resolution brought forward by District C on this topic. Carried
    Dues Structure:
    A discussion was held on the F.A.R.M. dues structure.

    M/S Maureen/Jim to set the F.A.R.M. dues at : $10 per Farmer’s institute member and $200 per association. Non-corporate members dues to remain at $50.

    BCAC report was given by Dennis LaPierre
    1. HST _ Ag council is supporting retention of HST
    2. Consultation was held on update of Animal Health Act - compulsory premise ID is proposed to be included
    3. Water Act modernization – Act needs updating – agriculture has a significant amount of input, consideration is being given to establishing a water reserve for agriculture
    4. Consideration given to hiring extension agents under the Growing Forward funds
    5. Farmer ID cards – consideration given to link to benefits for farm community –
    6. Knowledge Network – cheap way to communicate and disseminate information and enter into dialogue on farm matters, has 150 registered users,
    7. BCAC and ARDcorp boards have merged
    8. Meat inspection reviews are ongoing
    9. Carbon tax – may be re-considered


    1. Reid Lake Fi –

    Whereas the Provincial land Assessment Authority did a “road show” throughout BC in 2009, and
    Whereas the Assessment Authority was made aware of senior long term farmers losing farm status because they no longer can meet the criteria requirement and
    Whereas they included this important point in their summary but they continue to seize farm status from life time farmers in their senior years,

    Therefore Be it Resolved that: The government of BC take immediate action to instruct the land assessment authority to cease and desist this abhorrent behavior and allow long term senior farmers to remain in their homes without interference and without being taxed off their land. M/S Rob/Jim Carried
    Whereas the warranty on new farm machinery in BC starts on the day of purchase and
    Whereas farming in BC is seasonal to the point hat some crops are lost due to weather and
    Whereas in some other provinces in Canada warranties start on the day of first use of the new machinery
    Warranty on new farm machinery purchased in BC starts on the first day of use.
    M/S Joe/Lynne Carried
    Whereas many farmers in BC are forced to work off farm in order to survive and
    Whereas weather related and other turmoil across the world is causing severe food shortages in many countries and Canada relies on imported food to feed our growing population and
    Whereas the budget for agriculture has been cut year after year and funding has been critically reduced from agricultural programs
    Farmers demand the government of BC step up to the plate and show foresight and leadership by restoring and increasing funding to agriculture immediately so that food shortage won’t be as critical an issue should disaster strike.
    M/S Gene/Dennis Carried

    Future of F.A.R.M. discussion

    It was general consensus that F.A.R.M. needs to carry on but needs to develop a plan to reach out and expand it’s membership and activity.


    The following slate of officers was elected by acclamation:
    President: Lynne Wilson
    Vice president – Kelvin Johnson
    Treasurer – Roma Tingle
    Secretary – Rob Borsato

    Meeting adjourned ?

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    Looks like it was a very interesting meeting ..... Thanks for posting the minutes ... Lots of items to follow up on this Fall ..... What did John Deere machinery think of the machinery warranty resolution ?? Regards Paul Davidson

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