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Thread: A novel, simple idea for increasing crop yield

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    Dennis Lapierre
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    A novel, simple idea for increasing crop yield

    Source: Agri-Digest Online http://agridigest.wordpress.com/

    Not sure what kind of irrigation system they are using, but the following seems to be producing interesting results:

    In California’s central valley, around Mendota, Stanoules Produce Co. farms 17,000 acres of fresh
    produce --- and production is increasing despite California's water woes. Their “edge” is air injection. Sounds
    simple enough, doesn’t it? Sure is.
    If subjected to a sufficient pressure differential, water in irrigation pipes will create a suction that allows air
    to be drawn through specially designed injectors. The resulting mixture, says Cal State U-Fresno researcher
    Dave Goorahoo, a Trinidad/Tobago native with a Masters and PhD earned in Canada, is an "air-water slurry".
    You can see air bubbles delivered with the water right to the roots of the plant. "It’s like plowing without a
    plow -- because that's what plowing does -- aerate the soil”. he says..
    Plants produce much larger roots and 14-16% higher yields. They make better use of nutrients and water,
    and well-aerated soil has more earthworms and beneficial insects, and higher water retention properties.
    Don't ever get complacent about the way you do things or hung up about the way papa or grandpa did it, he
    advises. You've got to find a better way. Economics are driving us to understand things better and to find
    ways to get more out of inputs.
    To get on the (free) mailing list for Canadian Farm Manager, email your request to ‘council@cfbmc.com’.

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    This is a nice way to see how others do things. Maybe people on this forum should post their "inventions" or changes that worked for them in the past.
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    Link to Agri-Digest

    [QUOTE=administrator;498]Source: Agri-Digest Online http://agridigest.wordpress.com/

    Hi Dennis,
    your link to Agri-Digest concerning the article on air irrigation system, takes too long to go through the whole paper. Can you be a little more exact?

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