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Thread: On the horse slaughter bill

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    Dennis Lapierre
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    On the horse slaughter bill

    Just going through my notes from having attended the CFA (Canadian Federation of Agriculture) conference in Ottawa recently.

    One of the resolutions conference members supported was an opposition to Bill C-544, a Bill intended to ban the importation and slaughter of horses for human consumption. Here's a reference to the Bill: http://openparliament.ca/bills/40-3/C-544/

    I had the opportunity to speak to one of the NDP staff supporters of the Bill and later I spoke with Alex Atamenko. The claim is that horses are often administered butazone (horse aspirin), which in an anti-inflammatory drug. It is apparently unregulated and carcinogenic. Thus eating horse meat is unsafe.

    Mr. Atamanenko cited CFIA policy as being his information source.

    The question is whether the inability to detect the presence of the drug in a horse after a certain number of hours means the meat is then safe.

    The basis for the resolution (which was brought forward by the BCAC on behalf of the horse industry) is that the CFIA regulates the use of drugs in animals used for human consumption and CFIA testing has confirmed the safety of horse meat products. Further, horses provide an important income source for farmers and ranchers, providing owners an economical, responsible and humane end of life option for their horses.


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    Sorry to butt in , but I think it is necessary to keep the slaughter of horses.
    Why you ask? Well, what are we going to do with the thousands and thousands or tenfold of horses that are a nuisance? The so called "horse people" only think with their feelings, not with their head. They keep on breeding without thinking about the fact that there may be too many horses to go around in the first place.
    There are people who like horsemeat, what's wrong with that? Horsemeat is a good source of protein and very tasty and is just another source of meat like beef, lamb and pork. Did you know that in Korea people breed dogs just for food? I know, we don't live in Korea, but just as an example.
    Just because a horse is a good companion does not mean you can't eat them. So just kill that bill C-544 and start using our brains.
    I haven't heard of any bill for stopping the useless killing of babyseals on the east coast, have you? Oh, it's not useless you say, it's so the Chinese can walk with a seal fur-coat. Ah, so what's more immoral, regulated shooting and slaughtering of horses for a different meatsource or just hit babyseals with a bat or slam a steel hook into their heads for a fur coat?

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