I receive the following recently from a University of the Fraser Valley student.

I am a student in my fourth year of completing my bachelors in business administration, major in Marketing. For one of my courses, we are doing a project on small equipment/machinery. We are conducting a short survey to determine brand preferences and what factors fall in to place when small farm or other small business make decisions to purchase machinery (such as independant contractors, landscaping, back-hoe operators, small farms, hobby farms and riding facilities - to name a few)
Part of the survey is being conducted VIA phone, and part of it is being conducted VIA an online survey. We would like to know if you would post a link to this survey on your forum site to help us collect data.
This information is not being sold, distributed or used in any way other than for our course research purposes. The survey is not yet complete, but we are working towards completion for the end of this week. At that time, I can forward a copy of it to you to review before posting if necessary.
If this is something you are able to help us out with, it would be immensly appreciated.

The survey is here: http://app.fluidsurveys.com/surveys/...gby/machinery/

Pleas consider helping this student with her work.