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    This forum is a product of research in which individual farmers, farm groups (primarily Farm Institute members of the F.A.R.M. Community Council) and others showed a lot of interest in having a way to meet and stay organized without having to travel. It is a way to communicate, discuss and share ideas with others throughout the province, and market products in a convenient and low-cost way.

    This forum is also a tool that is intended to help give a voice to BC's Community Agriculture sector, which comprises about half the farms in BC and includes small-lot farms, mixed and family farms, niche-market farms and organic farms.

    This forum is a one-year pilot project that is being generously supported by the F.A.R.M. Community Council, the British Columbia Agriculture Council (BCAC), Investment Agriculture Foundation (IAF). I am confident that in this sponsored year, we in this sector will be able to demonstrate its worth as an essential and ongoing communications tool for BC farmers and, for that matter, all people interested in BC agriculture.

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