As one just learning the art of administering a forum, I'm discovering interesting things.

Some of you may have noticed odd posts, or threads, and membership names that seem out of place.
Those, I'm discovering, come from Colombo, Hawaii, Santiago Chile, and other bizarre places, from the looks of things. I delete one or two each day. They present you no problems. They are just a nuisance.

It's the price of me not screening new registrations before allowing people to post messages.

I'm not certain that I'm 100% accurate in my assessments, so if you find your registration deleted, contact me and let me know. It's simply me trying to assure the program is well protected.

I've taken one or two little steps with the background technology of this program to control this problem.

Another way is if you introduce yourself. Then everyone, including me, will know who you are, what part of BC you live in, and the like.

So far, I think we're making good progress.