Take a look at Peggy's Okanagan Poultry Processing site: http://okpoultryprocessing.com/
Lots of new information that seems to indicate she's making progress on her licensing, finally, after 4 years of being jerked around.
She is aiming to be a class B processing facility.
What this means to small-scale producers inside of the 100 km radius Peggy will operate within is that they'll be able to market their birds beyond their farmgate, because the birds will be inspected.
This comes with a price, though...quite a high price. People wanting to use her mobile slaughter resources will need to become an approved slaughter site. There remains some question about whether processing can take place on weekends because of the dictates of the inspection regime. Her fees are high and, though she appears to be booked solid, I understand the province is resisting allowing competition, which Peggy has said she has no problem with. It will also be difficult for people who grow fewer than 100 birds but who want custom slaughtering to get that, unless they can perhaps make arrangements to use the facilities of existing approved sites.
But, it's progress.What will remain to be seen is whether, for the price, small-scale growers will be able to be profitable under this arrangement and how marketable birds grown under small-scale on-farm conditions will be.