Some time back, floods affected growers in the Bella Coola region. Hay crops were lost. Buildings were damaged, and the like.

When the farmers sought relief through the Provincial Emergency Program, many were refused. Here's why, apparently:

It comes down to who is defined as a farmer under the Emergency Program Act: Compensation and Disaster Financial Assistance Regulation.

"farm operation" means an operation that

(a) is identified in the current assessment of the British Columbia Assessment Authority as a developing or established agricultural operation,
(b) is owned and operated by a person whose full-time employment is as a farmer, and
(c) is the means by which the owner of the farm operation derives the majority of that person's income;

Where does this leave the start-up farmer or one who is struggling to make the transition to farming on a full-time basis but isn't quite there, yet. And, how many farmers derive the majority of their income from farming, especially during periods of weak commodity prices, when the ability to compete is hamstrung by cheap imports, or when the weather isn't right? Many farmers need off-farm income...and that's a fact.

What are your views?