I'm posting this on behalf of Jeanette Lee of the West Kootenay Herb Growers Cooperative. Jeanette was one of the attendees of the Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council session that took place in London, Ontario in November 2010.

The focus of the session was on small farms.

The following is follow-up information she has garnered for BC producers.

Thx for this, Jeanette.

Hi everyone:

Just a note on this program. I recall at the CARHC Small Farm forum in
London that there was some interest in getting more accessible HR related
workshops, etc. online so that you didn't have to take time to travel & have
to pay travel costs for the training.

I've been talking to Jennifer Curtis and Kevin Murphy (BC Agriculture) about
the Farm Business Management program & thought I would pass the info. on to
you. The have a list of consultants that will help (& they will come to
you) with various planning activities and HR is one of them.

Tier 2- Specialized business planning (85% support up to $3,000 - no fee) to
adopt progressive farm business management practices and strategies in nine
business management areas:
o Business strategy o Succession planning
o Marketing strategy o Business structure
o Production economics o Risk assessment
o Human resources o Value-added ventures
o Financial management

More info on their website:

There is also a Farm Business Management session running at the Pacific Ag
Show in Abbotsford next week in case you're in the lower mainland.