Recommendations to Primary Agriculture Production List
for Assessment/Taxation Purposes
For the purposes of farm classification under the Assessment Act, primary agricultural production is defined in Schedule A of BC Reg. 411/95 the Standards for the Classification of Land as a Farm, The Minister of Agriculture can recommend changes to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (MCSCD), who has the authority to put forward to Cabinet an Order in Council with any amendments to the Primary Agriculture Production list, as per Schedule A of the regulation (attached). The Ministry of Agriculture is considering recommending the changes outlined below and has asked for input from the BCAC:
Proposed to be recommended:
1. Big Leaf Maple and Birch Sap sap production to process into syrup. Maple is mainly on Vancouver Island. Birch in Quesnel area.
2. Crop pollination recognize income from crop pollination services i.e. beekeepers placing hives in greenhouses, orchards, berry fields, etc. Current PAP only recognizes income from honey.
3. Value Added Products BC Assessment previously only considered income from primary agriculture production. Consideration of realizing the income from value-added (processed) products has been made too; i.e. jam from strawberries, frozen berries, bagged salad.
4. Livestock semen/embryos primary agriculture production currently only recognizes income from the actual livestock (calves, chickens, lambs). This addition will allow income from sale of semen and embryos used in insemination and embryo harvest process to be realized as income too. Mainly horses and high valued cattle (pure bred dairy/beef).
5. Breeders Bonus and Stud Fees primarily income accruing to horse operations. Will realize this income if occurring in conjunction with a horse breeding/raising operation.
Considered but not proposed to be recommended at this time:
1. Truffiere emerging new product on Vancouver Island and Fraser Valley. There has not yet been a harvest of truffles in BC, and it is proposed to consider adding when it is known that they can be grown and harvested here.
2. Vermiculture worms are fed compost and the resultant castings are sold as a soil amendment. The Ministry questions whether this activity is primary agriculture production and is concerned that it could encourage industrial compost operations to qualify for farm class.

Schedule A
[am. B.C. Regs. 343/96, s. 6; 397/99.]
For the purposes of farm classification under the Assessment Act, primary agricultural production is:
Christmas tree culture (plantation and cultured native stand)
forage production
forest seedling and seed production
fruit and vegetable production
grain and oilseed production
herb production
horse rearing
Populus species and Salix species intensely cultivated in plantations
insects raised for biological pest control
livestock raising
medicinal plant culture
poultry and egg production
seed production
the raising of crops or animals for food for human or animal consumption
turf production
wool, hide, feather or fur production
but does not include:
(i) the production of manufactured derivatives from agricultural raw materials,
(ii) primary agricultural production for domestic consumption on the farm,
(iii) the production of agricultural by-products,
(iv) agricultural services, or
(v) the breeding and raising of pets, except horses.