The FARM Community Council holds an Annual General Meeting each year. The following are a couple of the products of this years meeting, which was held at the Wilson residence in Prince George, BC.

- A resolution from the Reid Lake Farmer's Institute seeking assurance from the province that the retiring regional plant specialist be replaced, as per the following:

The members of the Reid Lake Farmers Institute respectfully request that the Plant Specialist position in the Bulkley Valley area of BC previously filled by Bob Drinkwater before he retired, be fully replaced with another Plant Specialist.

It is a delusion to expect a Plant Specialist from Vancouver Island to do both jobs well considering distance and travel time, and the continuing fight against invasive plants throughout BC.

Replacing this extension position with a fully qualified Plant Specialist is of utmost importance to all Northern BC residents.

-A resolution from the Reid Lake Farmer's Institute seeking assurance from the province that senior, retired farmers do not lose their farm status, as per the following:
WHEREAS the Provincial Land Assessment Authority did a ‘road show’ throughout BC in 2009 and

WHEREAS the Assessment Authority was made aware of senior long term farmers losing farm status because they can no longer meet the criteria requirement and

WHEREAS they included this important point in their summary but they continue to seize farm status from life time farmers in their senior years;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Government of BC take immediate action to instruct the Land Assessment Authority to cease and desist this abhorrent behaviour and allow long term senior farmers to remain in their homes without interference and without being taxed off their land.

-A resolution from the Reid Lake Farmer's Institute seeking legislative assistance in assuring that warranty coverage on new farm machinery begin upon the first day of usage, not the day of purchase. The issue was brought about by the problem weather created because some new machinery couldn't be used until months after purchase, which shortened the warranty period.

-A resolution from the Reid Lake Farmer's Institute seeking restoration of funding from the province for agriculture, generally:

WHEREAS many farmers in BC are forced to work off the farm in order to survive, and

WHEREAS weather related and other turmoil across the world is causing severe food shortages in many countries, and Canada relies on imported food to feed our growing population and

WHEREAS the budget for Agriculture has been cut year after year, and
funding has been critically reduced from agricultural programs such as Agricultural Extension, the Northwest Invasive Plant Council, and BC Fairs

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that farmers demand the Government of BC step up to the plate and show foresight and leadership by restoring and increasing funding to agriculture immediately so that food shortage won’t be as critical an issue should disaster strike.

If your Farmer's Institute has generated any resolutions from their AGM's, let me know. I'll be pleased to record them on this Network.