The following is from an e-mail broadcast by Maria Castro who is with the BC Food Processors Association (the Meat Industry Enhancement Strategy program) to a number of producers and processors:

Hello all,

Great news! The BC Chicken Marketing Board has let us know that they have changed their General Orders to allow for up to 2,000 chickens per year to be grown under permit. Please see attached document.

The change is a direct result of input the BCCMB received from permit growers and small processors last December, so, thank you to all who participated in the process; and of course thank you most of all to the BCCMB for being willing to listen, dialogue and support the smaller scale industry!

Feel free to distribute this information to your networks. I apologize in advance to some of you who will probably be receiving this multiple times as excited e-mails start flying back and forth through cyberspace...!


Note: I'm not sure who else, if anyone else, had lobbied for this change, but thanks need to go to Andrea Gunner and friends, all small-lot poultry producers in the Okanagan-Shuswap region for taking this initiative forward last December.