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Thread: Alternative Strategoes For Finishing Beef Report

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    Alternative Strategoes For Finishing Beef Report

    The report on Alternative Strategies for Finishing Beef in the Bulkley Valley : Phase 1 is now available on the BC Cattlemen's website under the Skeena Regional Cattlemen's webpage. This report reviewed the research relating to alternative finishing (forage based) of beef cattle, document the climate condition "normals" for the Bulkley Valley and conduct a gap analysis with respect to forage research, alternative finishing options and breed suitability. Link follows: http://www.cattlemen.bc.ca/skeena.htm

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    Dennis Lapierre
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    A very informative report.

    Especially interesting is the historical context around using grain to finish beef in the first place.

    I attended a First Nations Agricultural Association AGM a bit over a year ago and listened to a presentation that involved producers, processors, and a retailer, all talking about the production of forage-produced beef. What I thought was unique was that each was sort of instructing the other about their individual needs from the point of view of how each can help the other grow, process and present forage finished beef in high-quality, profitable ways.

    A survey by this Kamloops group (Black Creek Ranch) had already established that there was a market for forage-finished beef in the area and that people were willing to pay a premium for it.

    Speaking with Trevor Kempthorne, the First Nations Ag Association (FNALA) Exec Director 2-3 months ago, I understood that this initiative is well under way and is still doing well.

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    Nice and effective report. In this trial, feed efficiency was improved when cattle were reimplanted rather than implanted at the beginning of the feeding period.

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