Did you notice? In the province's budget, one sector received a decent carbon tax break...the horticulture sector.
Good for them. They needed it and, because they made an eloquent pitch for it, they earned it.

So, what about the rest of the agriculture community?

We got a very weak promise.

Here: http://www.newsroom.gov.bc.ca/minist...re-sector.html Minister Letnick says he will introduce a bill this fall to give farmers a break by removing the carbon tax on fuel.

What are the odds, huh?

The life expectancy of ag Ministers are only a few months. And, I ask, what is the likelyhood of the current government being re-elected.

The good news is that the Minister has introduced the idea. Now, with the campaign for election looming, we need to press both parties and their candidates on this idea and see who is actually willing to support the removal of the carbon tax on farm fuel.

Do you think making a lot of noise on this matter might work to our advantage, especially to the advantage of the community agriculture sector? Maybe, huh?