The BC FARM Knowledge Network is intended to be an online discussion and networking resource for BC farmers. It is a way for the many small farm groups, Farmer's Institutes, Agricultural Societies and especially individuals who identify with the term "community agriculture" to meet and discuss matters, share ideas and market products online. But, the forum is also open to anyone involved with or interested in agriculture in British Columbia.

Primary short list of rules:

The purpose of the following rules and guidelines are to help create an environment that is both inviting and informative to the wide spectrum of users and viewers of this site. The rules are not intended to restrict anyone from expressing their opinions, but it is important that they be expressed in a respectful and informative way.

We encourage open and informed discussion on any agricultural-related topic.

The following are a few guidelines we highly encourage our users to follow:

(1) This internet discussion site is viewable by anyone with an internet capable computer anywhere in the world. Please keep this in mind whenever posting. While it is nearly impossible to state any opinion without potentially offending someone, please do it respectfully.

(2) The use of profanity is prohibited.

(3) Don't drift from the topic. Straying off topic is distracting, even rude. Instead, start a new discussion, or "thread" under a new topic title.

(4) Avoid personal attacks. This is probably the most subjective of guidelines; however, approach it like this: FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM, NOT THE PERSONALITY.
Discussions that become emotionally charged can be a good thing. This passion for what one believes in should remain. However, you must refrain from attacking another user in a personal way. Personal attacks ruin a debate. Those who engage in personal attacks may get a private warning, a public warning, or even have their posting deleted. Continued disregard towards this guideline may result in being banned from this board.

(5) Threads or posts where the sole intent is to elicit emotionally charged responses or personal attacks from others will be deleted. It is up to the moderators' discretion to determine whether or not a given post falls into a particular category.

(6) Whenever starting a topic, or "thread", give it some thought first. Try to give it a title that describes its intent or its content. Try not to duplicate other threads that already exist. When in doubt, ask a moderator in a Private Message.

(7) Please understand that this site is privately owned and is being provided as a community service. With that in mind, we ask that you refrain from posting complaints and negative feedback about the site. If you have ideas or requests that will help make this forum better, just send a note to the administrator.

(8) Finally, the administrator and/or moderators reserve the right to edit, delete posts, even ban contributors depending on the degree to which the rules are violated. Hopefully this will never be necessary.

All that said, please, enjoy the forum!