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Thread: Site potential, what are your preferences?

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    Dennis Lapierre
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    Site potential, what are your preferences?

    We're a little slow in growing numbers of new registrants, but I'm seeing that a fair number of views have taken place. That tells me people are looking.

    I've mentioned elsewhere that this site has a lot of potential. Here's an example of what we can do: Look here http://www.cattlegrower.com/home.php at the Cattle Grower network site. It's using pretty much the same program as we are, but if you go to its Forum, you'll see that it offers categories to participate in according to the kind of livestock people are interested in. The BC provincial governments Infobasket http://infobasket.gov.bc.ca/portal/server.pt? is set up according to commodity categories, for the most part, but doesn't provide for discussion. Cattle Grower is a U.S. nation-wide site.

    We can do the same, or we can create regional, or geographical categories, if you like. Similarly, we can use the site to post newsworthy bits on the front, or homepage. Your choice.

    Register, and voice your opinions.


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    This is terrific - i am a member of Catlegrower.com and really like it, even if it is essentially American. It has helped me connect with sheepbreeders in the US for breeding stock, discuss issues in common ie traceability, RFID tags, premises ID......

    Farmers need to connect, and this is a perfect way to do it.

    Thanks, Dennis. I know this was a pet project of yours.


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    I've noticed that the avatar feature is turned off, is this something anyone else besides me would like to utilize?
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