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Thread: Canadian Sheep Federation

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    Canadian Sheep Federation

    Hi - I am the Canadian Sheep Federation director for British Columbia. I represent the BC Sheep Federation membership. If you have sheep, you should be a member of the BC Sheep Federation. Throughout the province there are regional sheep associations that provide locally based education programs and each regional association provides a representative who sits on the BCSF board. Members receive an informative magazine four times a year, and through their letters to the N'Ewes or to their rep they can give needed feedback to the BCSF Board.

    If you have sheep and want more information, please contact me at firhill@gulfislands.com or through this forum.
    Check out the CSF and BCSF websites. The CSF provides a monthly "From the Flock" newsletter that is available online, and also the "Point of View" newsletter (also online) that tackles a different topic, answered by producers across Canada, each month.

    Barbara Johnstone Grimmer
    Pender Island

    UPDATE MARCH 19 The CSF is reviewing their business plan, and the BCSF will be providing input to this. If you want to know more please contact me and I can provide you a copy
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