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Thread: Ag Waste Control Stakeholder Consultation update #3 of 3

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    Dennis Lapierre
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    Ag Waste Control Stakeholder Consultation update #3 of 3

    November 20 meeting – “Compost, Woodwaste, Mortality Issues”

    The Committee agreed in principle to the following points (these are not set in stone and may require additional review/discussion):
     Main issue with wood waste is the leachate created – resin acids and tannins that are toxic to fish. DFO requires a minimum 15 meter setback from water courses for wood waste storages.
     Mushroom composting should be treated as a treatment process not a by-product or waste.
     Hatchery waste should not be included as an agricultural waste.
     Regulations need to address the movement of by-products (such as compost) to capture three scenarios: selling to the public, selling to other farmers, using on the originating farm.
     Rules for on farm incinerators, designed for small carcases (poultry) should be different then large scale incineration operations.
     Ministry of Agriculture and producer groups will need to develop best management practices that are in line with the new regulations for small scale incinerators, and on farm composting.

    Other notes…

    Some of the issues identified for future discussions include:
     Composting definition – need to review when farm products are tested and re-used on farm
     Woodwaste storage and compost in high risk areas (high rainfall, uncontained aquifers)
     Need to develop protocol on where responsibilities begin and end with respect to product movement and use
     Air quality – ammonia releases/losses to atmosphere discussion
     Need to add management of both wastes and by-products to the NMP consultation session
     To avoid setting prescriptive requirements (i.e. 15m setbacks for . . . ) an idea being considered is for the regulations to say something to the effect of, “no measureable loss to the environment”. If this goes forward, we will have to look at how we measure and prove it.

    Next Steps:

    The February 12, 2013 meeting will focus on livestock access to water and fall/winter application of manure issues. Ministry of Environment will provide a background paper prior to the meeting outlining the specific issues and concerns. Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture will have time to review the issues in preparation for the meeting.

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    There seems to be some recognition that "one size does not fit all" but I have NO confidence that the best interests and well being of the farmer or farm operation have been considered
    or even recognized. dp (farmer)

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