July 10 meeting – “Storage Issues”

The Committee agreed in principle to the following points (these are not set in stone and may require additional review/discussion):
 Rules have to be enforceable and measurable (rules that cannot be enforced are a waste of time and we do not need “extra” rules just because we think that they might be good to have)
 Manure pits cannot overflow or leak
 In general, cannot spread on frozen ground or snow (more discussion is required as we may wish to customize this for specific geoclimate zones)
 Areas with low rainfall (less than 600mm annually) – leachate from storage piles must be managed so that it does not enter watercourses or the ground water.
 Areas with high rainfall (more than 600mm) – storage piles must be covered or leachate collected.
 Under pen storage of solid manure will follow the same rules as for solid storage piles.
 Short term field storage will be permitted during the growing season (specific dates will have to be agreed on). Leachate cannot enter a watercourse or the ground water.
 All non-growing season field storage will follow permanent storage rules.

Other notes…

Some of the issues identified for future discussions include:
 Committee agreed that manure isn’t always a waste and that a better name might be Agriculture Environment Protection Regulation. Open for input and discussion.
 Who is responsible for wastes during transport?
 Do the Ag Waste regulations fit with other related rules (i.e. for anaerobic digesters)
 What is the definition for “saturated ground” for field storage and land application.
 Confined livestock areas, seasonal feeding areas
 How will this regulation deal with issues that are normally reserved for local governments (i.e., setbacks, dust and odour)

Next steps:

The November 20 meeting will focus on composting, mortality management and wood waste issues. Ministry of Environment will provide a background paper prior to the meeting outlining the specific issues and concerns. Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture will have time to review the issues in preparation for the meeting.