Looking for a responsible person or small family to farm sit a vacant farm in the Nanaimo area over the summer. There is a partially furnished mobile including washer and drier and all appliances, which can be provided with linens, kitchen utensils etc as needed. I am not looking for someone simply seeking cheap rent; what I hope to find in someone wishing to come to the Island who has some previous farm experience and is willing to care take this property while construction of new facilities is under way. Responsibilities include: keeping the lawn mowed, frequent inspection of existing buildings and ensuring the construction crew has access as needed/when needed and people who have no business there are kept off. This could be a perfect arrangement for family from out of province wishing to spend some time on the Island during the months of June to Sept without paying the high costs for accommodation or staying with friends/relatives in the Nanaimo area. Anyone who is interested in staying a minimum of 4 weeks during this period would be considered with appropriate references.
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