The great Grain train...

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December 1, 2011
The great Grain train….

Well, this didn’t take long to get more good stuff to write about… Turns out, we figured last evening would be the night we wanted to try getting the cattle to come up for their grain ration. Well, by the time the boys and I started out, it was almost dusk and we figured we wouldn’t have much time before the light left us. My youngest and I stayed on the quads whilst my older boy headed over to the trailer to get the grain ready… He shook and shook and shook the bucket and those cows across the field just looked at him like he was interrupting their evening meal, basically, “Why you making all that racket”, was the look he was getting. So we got in behind the herd and slowly started pushing them up towards the feed tubs… Eventually, as they got closer, I noticed one cow in particular was getting quite interested in what my oldest was doing, and was certainly leading the pack. Turns out, as I got closer, I noticed it was a 2 year old heifer that we had raised as a calf and had sold to a buddy for roping stock. Well, before I got a chance to say anything, poor Ashtan (my 14yr old) didn’t know what was coming at him, this little red heifer had remembered what the bucket shakin was all about and headed right at him at a full on run. Being as it was almost dark, Ashtan couldn’t see that it was his “pet” from a couple years ago and all he saw was a cow with horns running straight at him in the twilight. From the quad I hollered at him to pour out the bucket into the trough, but he had already made up his mind to run, forgetting of course to drop the bucket. So, there it was, in the lights of the quad, Ashtan running through the snow with a half full bucket of grain, a little red cow chasing him down and not one of them the wiser why the other one wouldn’t stop. Well, as you probably figured, 4 legs are faster than 2 in the snow, and eventually, Ashtan fell, with the grain falling over him. At that point, this “ huge charging menacing cow” caught up and just as Ashtan figured his luck had run out… she promptly put on the brakes and began to do what she used to do as a little calf, eat the grain out of his hands… well as off his jacket, toque and other parts of his snow covered little body…It was then that he saw, up close and personal, her ear tag…. 11A… it was his pet “Apple” with whom the kids had spent hours with as a baby calf grooming and playing. Personally, I think at this point his heart started to beat again and all he did was yell out… “I’m ok”… that’s it… I think. I honestly don’t recall though cuz my youngest and I were laughing so hard I really couldn’t focus on much more….

Either way, the rest of the cows all kinda looked at this fiasco and decided that the grain trough is much easier to catch when it’s stationary, rather than chasing down a yelling screaming kid…. So where do you think the rest of the herd went…. you guessed it….. right to the trough….

All in all, pretty good start to the training process….

Till next time…