Life on a Cariboo Ranch, Part time of course...

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November 30, 2011

A Blog about us…

You’ll have to bear with me as this is something that is new to me, but I appreciate this site and the information that it can provide so I would like to contribute a bit on the lighter side from time to time.

This is kinda looking like its going to shape up to be a weekly trials and tribulations of our ranching experiences….

I’ll start simple, after that…. Be warned, we deal with most of the issues on our place with a bit of humor…. So if your looking for a politically correct, well written, informative blog your looking in the wrong place…

We are a family run cow/calf operation located in the North Cariboo up behind Ten Mile Lake. We raise Hereford and Simmental cattle for Beef and also have some Corriente cattle for roping and rodeo stock. We take pride in the quality of our animals and just recently in October, became certified in the Verified Beef Producers program. In the spring, after calving season, we will have some roping stock available for the 2012 season, and in the fall, our beef calf crop should be ready to head to market. We maintain our herd on great summer pastures with ample grass and water which allows a great rate of gain on the calves. To work the cattle we utilize American Quarter Horses on our ranch and have bloodlines from Smart & Lucky Lena as well as some other old time foundation greats.

Our family consists of myself, my wife, and our 3 kids. Our girl is 19 this year and our boys are 11 and 14. All the kids are an integral part of our ranching lifestyle. Both boys participate in all of the jobs around the ranch, working cattle, cleaning pens, feeding and veterinary work. It truly is a family run operation. The boys also participate in Little Britches Rodeo and have aspirations of moving up into the High School and BCRA rodeo ranks in the coming years. We will be building a riding arena in the spring of 2012 to allow for more practice time for the boys and see where they go.

This winter we are leaving our herd on our “across the road” pasture. This presents some difficulties with watering, but we found a propane livestock water heater, manufactured by Trojan Livestock products, that will work for our needs just fine and so far, it’s working great, keeping the water trough ice free. Winter really hasn’t been cold as of yet up here, so I’ll be able to report back more on it later in the year. We will be bringing our herd home before calving season so they can calf in the comfort of our back corral and barn, also allowing us more time to watch and monitor the first time calvers.

So… I think that’s enuf for now…I am looking forward to posting some more humorous stories about our weekly experiences, as we have many. (We have kids on a farm, how can you not have funny stories to tell!!!)

Till next time…. Enjoy!