Transitioning to a Class B and Weekend InspectionServices

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I wrote the letter to the Ministers with carbon copies to many others as a result of our frustration with the impossible situation their staff put us in with regard to transitioning to a Class B. Not only were the requirements impossible to meet since it would reduce us to working only July and August but the timelines were so tight that immediate action was required. The letters and Bob Simpson have certainly shaken things up and, I am told that they will respond this week as they were discussing the situation today and possible further into the week. I have told them what I need--an open ended transition date until we can have a seamless transition to a Class B with full weekend inspection services. (I fully expect this to be an outcome of the Inspection Review unless they move to entirely different model ie: spot inspections) I also asked/said that they need to make a decision that applies to all small abattoirs, not just ours. We will see what happens.