I did an EFP (Environmental Farm Plan)

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First, let me say that I've always prided myself in being environmentally conscious...aiming at leaving the smallest possible footprint, as it were. And so, I've participated in a stream restoration project, fenced off my little creek from livestock, cut down on watering when asked in order to maintain stream flow in the river...things like that.

The EFP review taught me a few more things worth considering and addressing. Here's some examples:
-I learned what the subsurface aquifer for this stretch of land looks like and what the vulnerability for contamination is, based on whatever analysis has taken place over time around here.
-I learned what there is for water wells in the area and what their productivity is.
-I learned, or at least was reminded that I really should relocate where I store my fuel. A good reminder.
-I learned a few new things about the wildlife in the area.
-I learned that my approach to composting and where I situated my manure pile was good, could be better.
-I got a great book that my son, the budding biologist and I both found interesting and informative.
And finally, I established a plan with the help of an Environmental Farm Planner, sort of a nudge, sweetened by the knowledge that some of the things I could be doing around here will be partially paid for with public dollars when I do them. Sort of a promise of a pretty decent discount on the price of things that need doing here, anyway.

I thought it was a pretty good exercise and well worth doing. I highly recommend it to anyone who is farming, regardless of farm size.


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    I should add that the whole process was free and that you can look into it here: