Keeping the windows clean.

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It struck me the other day that no matter what, one can always find where a fly has left a spot on a window. Especially in a farmhouse.
I know in mine, that is the case. And, if you look out the window and the spot is in the way, where the spot is, some of the view gets distorted. Let the spot, or spots really get in the way, and the whole view gets distorted.
I thought of this a couple of days ago after attending an agricultural survival forum at Cobble Hill, BC where, in the afternoon, the BC Agriculture Council tried to offer a view that included becoming a mechanism for helping small farms fund their own organizations through a levy such that the levy would, in the end, help the whole of the BC agricultural community present a common voice to governments. A common voice, I think few would dispute, hase the greatest chance of assuring the needs and interests of the whole BC agricultural community is effectively heard by government.
Some, it would appear, chose to let spots get in the way. And so their view was distorted.
Some relied on recollections of the past to clarify what they werenít seeing. Some blamed the BC Agriculture Council for putting the spots on the windows. The Meat Regulations were a spot that distorted the rest of the view.
Some seemed so apparently used to looking through the spots that they seemed uninterested in stepping back to get a clearer look at the view. Their noses continued to be stubbornly pressed against the spotted part of window. It resulted in an attitude.

There will always be spots.

As essentially a volunteer, non-profit organization trying only to assure that the view through the window is clear and clean so that all can see the same thing, a vibrant BC agricultural community, regardless of how big or tall the looker is, how good their eyesight is, or how much the looker can afford to pay for their glasses, spots are inevitable. The flies are government policies. The spots are problematic policies that they establish and leave behind, not all of which can be cleaned away by the BC Agriculture Council efforts.
The Council only has influence, not power and, with the energy it has available, it can only address a few spots at a time.
This has to be understood.
Occasionally, maybe it would be a good idea for lookers to switch spots, so that what one sees through the spotted part of the window could be seen the way others see it. Farm tours offer that opportunity. So does listening, learning and cooperating. Cooperation could achieve that, Iím sure. This is achieved by better communication. So could investing in a better window cleaner be helpful; a pooled funding strategy could buy that. It would be helpful to all.
It is not the view through the spot that is important, but the view from slightly farther back that is... so one and all can better see, understand and collectively address the whole picture, spots and all.


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    I was at that meeting too and your analogy is a good one. I always liked the old expression "Depends whose ox is being gored." dp