A disappearing Lifestyle...Small Scale Farming in BC

    This video was sent to the Minister of Healthy Living and Sport, the Minister of Agriculture and Lands, and the Premier of BC, and has been seen by the MLA for Vernon-Monashee in mid September 2010.

    The video tells the story of the unique needs of the small-scale farmer and presents the case for all small-scale farmers in BC, who agree to slaughter in a safe and humane way, to have access to an 'E' license under the Meat Inspection Regulation. Anyone with an 'E' license would be allowed to legally slaughter on farm and sell at the farm gate.

    As of October 23, 2010, the provincial government has not yet informed us how 'E' licenses will be awarded throughout the entire province. This could have a significant impact on the sustainability of small-scale farming.

    Please take the time to watch "A Disappearing Lifestyle? Small-scale Farming in BC" . Part 1 can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqn8XFauuko and Part 2 at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-ct-M4mH6A
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    1. Peggy's Avatar
      So what happens now that there is no Ministry of Healthy living and sport? Does anyone know who has the MIR file now? And do the assurances granted by that now defunct ministry still apply or do we have to start the whole process over again I'm feeling very done - this foo fah has been going on way too long
    1. administrator's Avatar
      No change as far as the MIR is concerned. The CHBC news bit was in error. It is still part of Health."there is no change in responsibilities between Health and Ag in the area of food safety. Agriculture does also have a food safety branch, which is why food safety is listed in one of their areas of responsibility, but this is no change from before Monday’s announcement."
    1. administrator's Avatar
      The video is getting more coverage. The Vernon Morning Star reported that it will be shown at the UBCM conference.
    1. Firhill's Avatar
      I posted this video to my blog and it was noticed by an american blogger who promoted it on his site, and a lot of people saw it in the US as a result.http://thefarmersstand.blogspot.com/...yle-small.html

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