Draft Mission statement: Canada's National Food Strategy: The Future of Food

    Those of you who have read the blog from Feb 26 called the Future of Food will know the source of the following draft mission statement.

    The following will begin to give you a sense of the approach the Canadian agriculture community is taking on the matter.

    For a detailed answer to the question "why", read today's blog on the topic in the forum Blog section.

    Canada’s National Food Strategy: The Future of Food

    DRAFT Mission:
    · To ensure a safe, secure, accessible and healthy source of food through a multi-faceted and inter-linked, sustainable Canadian agricultural sector.
    DRAFT Vision Statements:
    1. Canadian grown and processed product will be the first choice of knowledgeable Canadian consumers and the premium choice of international markets.

    2. All Canadian citizens will have access to affordable, nutritious, and safe food

    3. The Canadian food system will be driven by diversified, Canadian-owned, innovative and profitable farm, processing and distribution sectors.

    4. Canada's agricultural productive capacity will meet future demand in a sustainable manner

    5. Canada will have a secure and sustainable infrastructure to support the production, processing and distribution of food in Canada and abroad

    6. Canada will grow and provide green energy from fibre and agricultural by-products in balance with our food requirements

    7. Canadians will enjoy better health from access to and use of safe and nutritious food.

    8. Canada will be a global leader in ensuring international agreements impacting food are based on fairness, consistency, and enforceability

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