1. The issue of regional representation on the BCAC Board

    by on December 3rd,2010 at 06:20 PM
    The concept of regional representation on the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) has been receiving a lot of attention of late. The editor of Country Life, in the most recent edition, mentioned it. It was a topic of strong interest to the audience at Cobble Hill. It is a topic of interest, from the looks of it, to folks in the Kootenays.

    The concept begs looking at the way the BCAC is structured and why. Because, therein lies the response.

    The BCAC Board of Directors comprises ...
  2. Keeping the windows clean.

    by on November 9th,2010 at 02:53 PM
    It struck me the other day that no matter what, one can always find where a fly has left a spot on a window. Especially in a farmhouse.
    I know in mine, that is the case. And, if you look out the window and the spot is in the way, where the spot is, some of the view gets distorted. Let the spot, or spots really get in the way, and the whole view gets distorted.
    I thought of this a couple of days ago after attending an agricultural survival forum at Cobble Hill, BC where, in the afternoon, ...
  3. A forum that works

    by on June 10th,2010 at 09:08 AM
    It's interesting.
    For the last several days there has been a fairly intense discussion about the BCAC's stable funding initiative on the COABC listserve. Lots of comments. Lots of questions. Lots of discourse...real discourse where perspectives are respectfully shared, frustrations aired, skepticisms exposed, doubts expressed.
    What does this tell us?
    It says that a discussion forum has a great deal of potential, and among at least one type of farmer, it is sought, and in many ...
  4. National Food Strategy Why?

    by on March 22nd,2010 at 10:12 AM

    Why do we need a National Food Strategy? What distinguishes a National Food Strategy from the five year agreements that we have had?

    The Agricultural Policy Framework and its successor Growing Forward have fundamentally been fiscal budgeting tools. As such they have consisted of budgeting envelopes, with some strategy attached. Associated with these five year plans we have had Vision Statements. The strategy, if we can call it that, to achieve the vision ...
  5. BCAC adopts Meat Inspection as a priority issue for 2010

    by on March 21st,2010 at 11:20 AM
    It's time.

    The Meat Inspection Regulation and Food Safety Act was introduced in 2004, based on a political objective to provide a consistent approach to public health protection in relation to livestock slaughter. At issue was the lack of a "uniform meat inspection system" and concerns about the need to respond quickly to emerging diseases, track and trace diseased animals and address animal welfare concerns.

    It's going on 6 years later. What are the results? ...
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