1. Why I support the HST

    by on June 1st,2011 at 08:49 AM
    Everyone has their own reasons, right?
    Mine are based on two: what it means to me as a small scale farmer and, secondly, my complete lack of confidence in anything that VanderZalm is touting as fact.
    Having had the opportunity to experience the difference between both tax regimes, I must agree with the latest pro-hst points of argument that relate to food production that have been outlined by the Smart Tax Alliance. Here's two points that group made, which I agree with:
    - ...
  2. The irony of finding bacteria on store-bought chicken

    by on February 15th,2011 at 11:37 AM
    I trust I'm not the only one seeing the irony of this.

    I'm referring to the CBC revelation about the amount of bacteria found on raw chicken. Some of it is resistant to antibiotics, which is itself a problem, but it also shows that bacteria occurs on raw meat no matter where it is processed.

    So, as a small-scale poultry producer growing chickens during the warm season on my pasture, I've been facing a struggle for over four years to get predictable processing. The issue ...
  3. The difference thoughtful comments can make.

    by on February 1st,2011 at 10:09 AM
    Those who are registered to this site will have received a notice from me today notifying of the outcome of the weekend inspection problems that were being faced by Wilma and Keith Watkins of Walk-In Acres. They provide a poultry slaughter service for local small-lot producers and were looking at not being able to operate unless they could have weekend inspections. Their letter to the relevant Ministers is posted on the Forum.

    What are not posted, but which I had the privilege of ...
  4. I did an EFP (Environmental Farm Plan)

    by on January 18th,2011 at 10:25 AM
    First, let me say that I've always prided myself in being environmentally conscious...aiming at leaving the smallest possible footprint, as it were. And so, I've participated in a stream restoration project, fenced off my little creek from livestock, cut down on watering when asked in order to maintain stream flow in the river...things like that.

    The EFP review taught me a few more things worth considering and addressing. Here's some examples:
    -I learned what the subsurface ...
  5. How busy is the BCAC?

    by on December 4th,2010 at 09:29 AM
    As I wrote the previous blog, it struck me that perhaps it would be useful to list a typical period of activity to show what staff do...."what the BCAC does for us", in other words.

    The following is a list for three weeks in November 2010.

    November 1-7.

    Agriculture Labour Market and Skills Development Initiative (ALMSDI) conference call Rhonda, Christine

    Hort Value Chain Round Table innovation conference ...
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