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  1. Transitioning to a Class B and Weekend InspectionServices

    by on January 25th,2011 at 08:52 PM
    I wrote the letter to the Ministers with carbon copies to many others as a result of our frustration with the impossible situation their staff put us in with regard to transitioning to a Class B. Not only were the requirements impossible to meet since it would reduce us to working only July and August but the timelines were so tight that immediate action was required. The letters and Bob Simpson have certainly shaken things up and, I am told that they will respond this week as they were discussing ...
  2. I did an EFP (Environmental Farm Plan)

    by on January 18th,2011 at 10:25 AM
    First, let me say that I've always prided myself in being environmentally conscious...aiming at leaving the smallest possible footprint, as it were. And so, I've participated in a stream restoration project, fenced off my little creek from livestock, cut down on watering when asked in order to maintain stream flow in the river...things like that.

    The EFP review taught me a few more things worth considering and addressing. Here's some examples:
    -I learned what the subsurface ...
  3. How busy is the BCAC?

    by on December 4th,2010 at 09:29 AM
    As I wrote the previous blog, it struck me that perhaps it would be useful to list a typical period of activity to show what staff do...."what the BCAC does for us", in other words.

    The following is a list for three weeks in November 2010.

    November 1-7.

    Agriculture Labour Market and Skills Development Initiative (ALMSDI) conference call Rhonda, Christine

    Hort Value Chain Round Table innovation conference ...
  4. The issue of regional representation on the BCAC Board

    by on December 3rd,2010 at 05:20 PM
    The concept of regional representation on the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) has been receiving a lot of attention of late. The editor of Country Life, in the most recent edition, mentioned it. It was a topic of strong interest to the audience at Cobble Hill. It is a topic of interest, from the looks of it, to folks in the Kootenays.

    The concept begs looking at the way the BCAC is structured and why. Because, therein lies the response.

    The BCAC Board of Directors comprises ...
  5. Keeping the windows clean.

    by on November 9th,2010 at 01:53 PM
    It struck me the other day that no matter what, one can always find where a fly has left a spot on a window. Especially in a farmhouse.
    I know in mine, that is the case. And, if you look out the window and the spot is in the way, where the spot is, some of the view gets distorted. Let the spot, or spots really get in the way, and the whole view gets distorted.
    I thought of this a couple of days ago after attending an agricultural survival forum at Cobble Hill, BC where, in the afternoon, ...
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